Microneedling has been used for many years all over the world, some other forms of this process and possibly the most commonly heard of is Derma-rollering.

Unlike Dermapen, Derma rollers don’t have the ability to work at different depths and usually cause more trauma to the  skin, resulting in more ‘down time’  The wounds created with a derma roller is much more traumatic to the skin, instead of the rapid verticle needle insertion and withdrawal, as seen with Dermapen, derma rollers tend to dig into the skin and create more of a tear like wound. Because of this any post rollering erythema and/or edema can last up to 7 days post treatment

How much does it cost?

One treatment

Course of 3 £351 (saving 10%)

Course of 6 £663 (saving 15%)

Course of 9 £936 (saving 20%)

All courses require 50% payment at time of booking.  The remaining 50% must be paid half way through treatment course.  Course must  be used within 12months.

What about downtime?

Although Dermapen doesn’t cause as much trauma to the skin as Derma rollers, your skin may feel tight/ senstitive and you may have redness for up to 2 days post treatment.  We recommend having Dermapen at a time when you have no events or activities planned for two days after.

The following activities should be avoided for 48hrs post treatment:

Direct sun exposure

Excessive sweating

Swimming/ saunas / steamrooms

Self tanning

Make up

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Dermapen FAQ

How many treatments will I require?

At Venus you can book just one Dermapen treatment or you can book a course of up to 9 treatments.  The amount you will want/require depends on the skin concern being treated.  Basic skin rejuvenation is usually achieved after 2/3 treatments.  However, for scaring/strechmarks 6/10 treatments may be needed.

When will I see results?

Some people may see results after 10 days, but generally it can take up to 4 weeks to see the full effect.  Because of this skin needling is only carried out with at least 4 weeks between treatments.

Does it hurt?

Skin needling can be uncomfortable on some people and depends on the depth we are working at.  Some places on the face can be more uncomfortable than others, such as the cheekbones and nose.

How long does it take?

When you make your appointment, you will be asked to come to the salon for a consultation to check suitability for the treatment.  At the consultation we will talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have.  The treatment takes approximately 45mins including prepping the skin, face mask plus applying topical creams.