5D from Paris

We love this facial and it’s a favourite with our clients.. 5D from Paris decreases fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, eliminates all dead skin cells and helps generate a youthful glowing appearance.We have found that 5D from Paris is a great alternative for those clients who want a deep cleanse yet feel Microdermabrasion is too harsh for their skin.

1hr Facial
After just one treatment you will see how your skin is noticeably younger, brighter and more radiant. Results continue after the treatment and in the days to come your skin will be visibly smoother and firmer. Please note that due to the intense exfoliation this treatment should not be carried out more than once every 6 weeks.
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Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a clinically proven and a celebrity loved skin resurfacing treatment.It offers flawless results for, problematic skin, fine lines, pigmentation & scarring.It has been proven to dramatically improve the skins texture and appearance, revealing beautiful rejuvenated skin.Visible results can be seen after just one treatment, however for problematic skin then a course is often recommended.

1hr Crystal clear
20 min resurfacing treatment

Skin Brightening Facial

This is the perfect facial for those who want radiant, youthful skin in a hurry.Skin is cleansed then exfoliated using theCACI Ultrasonic peel then followed by our much loved Pro light peel face mask.

Skin Brightening Facial (15min)


Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and removing fine vellus hair, otherwise known as peach fuzz.The removal of epidermal skin allows the products we use on our skin to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.Dermaplaning is ideal for those who suffer from excess vellus hair, this hair can often cause a build up of dirt and oil so removing it creates healthier looking skin.Don’t worry though as Vellous hair will not grow back thicker or darker.The treatment leaves skin more refined, smooth and glowing in appearance so is ideal for those special occasions.

Delux Dermaplaning includes 30min LED session